POLITEIA – Established in 1995, Politeia is a forum for discussing economic, constitutional and social policy. It focuses on the role of the state in people’s lives. Politeia aims to encourage the best policies for a free society under the rule of law, a prosperous economy based on free markets and competition, and excellent systems for education, health care and pensions.

Politeia works with leading authorities from both Britain and abroad, pioneers from the legal profession, academic life, the economy, business and politics. With them, Politeia publishes up to date research and analyses, and makes proposals on which successful government policy can be based. It also hosts conferences and events to discuss the details of policy. Read More




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Fair, Effective, Efficient and Funded – Helping the Justice System Find its Way
Britain’s Universities – Freedom to Excel?


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‘Paying for Elderly Social Care: What Principles? What Aims?’, by Stephen Hammond, Sheila Lawlor, Melanie Powell & Colin Wilson
‘Back to School! Preparation, Not Cancellation’, by John Marenbon, Dominic Sullivan & Louise Moelwyn-Hughes

Our Impact

What They Say

  • Rt Hon Sir Vince CableRt Hon Sir Vince CableLeader, The Liberal Democrats (2017-19)

    Politeia has been, in my experience, a very good forum for discussing important policy issues from first principle.

  • Rt Hon Frank Fieldkm810cm快猫破解 bbs4.cnChair, Work and Pensions Select Committee (2015-19)

    Politeia's generosity in opening up its forum to a wide range of views makes it for me a very attractive think tank.

  • km810cm快猫破解 bbs4.cnProfessor Deepak Lal

    Politeia is a small but influential London-based think tank, which, with the quality of its authors , has made a major contribution in a number of areas of public policy like taxes, health and education.

  • km810cm快猫破解 bbs4.cnkm810cm快猫破解 bbs4.cnChancellor of the Exchequer (2016-19)

    Politeia provides a forum in which politicians of all parties, leading academics and key figures in the business community and the media can discuss cutting-edge issues of the day and share views that have contributed significantly to the development of mainstream political thought in the UK.

  • km810cm快猫破解 bbs4.cnRt Hon Michael Gove MPChancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster (2019-)

    Politeia does a brilliant job generating the ideas our country needs to achieve noble, progressive goals

  • km810cm快猫破解 bbs4.cnRt Hon Dr Liam Fox MPSecretary of State for International Trade (2016-19)

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Politeia is a non-profit organisation, and every penny of support is put to the work we do for the development of productive and successful policies for a prosperous, free and stable Britain with a flourishing economy, better schools and effective healthcare and security in retirement.

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  • km810cm快猫破解

    Brexit & Beyond: Unfinished Business | 06/02/19 | Politeia

  • Deal, no deal? What's the best course for Britain? | 21/11/18

    Deal, no deal? What's the best course for Britain? | 21/11/18

  • Negotiating Brexit: The UK a Global Trading Nation | 19/07/18

    Negotiating Brexit: The UK a Global Trading Nation | 19/07/18

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